Canada is the most beautiful place in the world. Each of the ten Provinces is extremely diverse in many ways. Canada is known for the great people, food, beautiful places to see, and most importantly the landscape.

Canadians have open arms to everyone, no matter what colour your skin is, your ethnicity, or religion. Canadians are known for being kind and overly apologetic.

Canadians most favourite foods consist of bacon, maple syrup, and poutine. Maple syrup and poutine were both made in Quebec and now are being consumed across the world.

There are many huge attractions all across Canada. Lakes are one of the biggest attractions  because of the activities that take place at them, for example fishing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming. There tons of waterfalls of all different sizes that are absolutely beautiful. There are also places that you can see wild life in their natural habitat, not in cages or tanks.

The world has a stereotyped Canada in such a humours way. People across the world believe that people who live in Canada live in igloos for houses and have polar bears running around in their backyard. Canada’s weather and climate varies all over the ten Provinces. Some areas are desert as others are more of a rainforest. Many areas have massive mountains with flush green forests whereas others you can see for miles away.

Canada is so great because we are polite and love everyone. What’s not to like about Canada, eh?

I am proud to be Canadian 🍁


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