Don’t want to join a pageant but have been thinking about modeling or how you could get noticed? Top Model Search Canada is a good option for you.  Top Model Canada is not a pageant experience, but as the director, Michelle Weswaldi states “it teaches you how to break into the world of high fashion modeling. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, grow and challenge yourself”.

Top Model Search Canada

I remember a few years ago, Facebook blew up with webpages about modeling contracts and opportunities.  All you had to do was post your photo to the page and hope someone would see the potential you possessed and offer you a contract. However, the likelihood of that becoming a reality is very improbable.  Miss Teenage Canada – World (MTC-W) has created a sister completion known as Top Model Search Canada. The winner of this competition receives over $15,000 in prizes, cash and scholarships.  However, every contestant walks away with training and workshops which include posing for the camera, runway skills, what to expect on a ‘go see’ or audition, how to apply make-up, what to wear and how to style you hair.  There is further instruction on guidelines on the film and entertainment industry as part of the extensive training as is an in depth conversations about the modeling and fashion world.

To make it even better there are not one, but three Top Models Canada.  The top three have the opportunity to go to Miss Supranational, Top Model Of The World, and Miss Intercontinental.  You will be photographed, receive a full modeling portfolio and travel across Canada.  The top models are also provided with a competition and appearance wardrobe, hair services and much more – all expenses paid.  The experience and prizes don’t end there, awards are given to the women and girls who are the best fit in the following categories
Swimwear and Fitness: Best swimsuit presentation and swimsuit body.
Best Posing for Camera
Best Cover Model
Best Smile
Best Hair
Best Commercial Model
Best Editorial model
Best Spokesmodel
Photogenic Appeal
Congeniality Award: Based on delegate votes for each other in the areas of the best overall representation of pageantry and camaraderie
Runway: Best overall runway and stage presence throughout the competition
People’s Choice Award: Given to the delegate with the most votes online before the competition

Katie Starke Miss Supernational Canada 2012


Suzette Hernandez Miss Supernational Canada 2013

In a competition where 40 of the top and best girls from Canada are chosen, it would appear the stakes and chances are high!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to travel the world and learn from Canada’s Top Model runway stars.  Suzette Hernandez represented Canada at the 2013 Miss Supranational in Belarus.  She placed in the Top 20 against 89 other countries. Suzette is a successful model and actress and now a National Canadian Title holder.  Miss Katie Starke represented Canada at the 2012 Miss Supranational pageant in Poland.  She placed in the top 20 and won the Top Model Award.
This is an opportunity of a lifetime to meet international agents and talent scouts from Milan, Paris and Asia and to launch your modeling career.  This year the top three will represent Canada at the following events:
Miss Supernational  November 16th- Dec 5th in Poland
Miss Intercontinental October 6th- October 27 2014 in Tala Bay (Aqaba), Jordan
Top Model of the World – location and date TBA  r.- Michelle W
With less than two weeks left to apply (until July 20th) and the event taking place August 12-17 in Toronto, there are some things to consider and requirements upon entry:
Are you willing to travel
Do you enjoy being the center of attention and want to be in the public eye
Do you love glamour, fashion and glitz
Do you love to travel and experiencing new cultures
Are you at home on stage and love to perform
Do you want to have an exciting new experience and make new friends from all over Canada
Are you 5’7 or taller ( we will accept 5’6 if you are exceptional)
You must be no younger than 17 and no older than 27
You must reside in Canada
You have to know and feel you have what it takes to be a model

Good luck to all the talented, outspoken ladies who are competing. This truly is a unique opportunity to grow and learn, win or not. My advice is to keep calm and stay collected but enjoy it. Ask a ton of questions, be in the moment and allow yourself to be you.  As Channing Smendziuk (former Miss Teen Canada 2010) recently told me. ” If you don’t lose sight of your true beauty you will be successful”.

Channing Smendziuk (former Miss Teen Canada 2010)

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