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So prelims were tonight and man was it ever a party! After a full day of rehearsals for the final show on Saturday night, we had lunch, provided by Vitamin Water and Mr.Sub and headed into hair and makeup. I thought I was going to be last, we had fifteen minutes left before show time and I wasn’t ready yet! In the end, I was not

the last girl to finish and had plenty of time to prepare in my swimsuit with the other delegates!

I can’t say much about the show, other than it went well! I feel pretty confident about my swimsuit and evening gown percentages, so we will just have to wait and see for Saturday when they announce it! All we can do is wait and vote, so get to that Miss Teen Canada website and cast your vote!!! You have until noon ET on Saturday, so get to it!

Well my dear friends, it is definitely time for this pageant girl to get to bed!

Infinite X’s & O’s,


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