My platform as Miss Teenage Northern British Columbia is to bring more awareness to people who suffer from anxiety. I would like to find alternative strategies and coping mechanisms for people who suffer from these Mental Health Illnesses that are not the normal counselling, medication/narcotics etc.

Why Mental Health Illnesses: I have struggled with severe Mental Health Issues for 6 years. It all started from the never ending bullying I received from grade 7-12. In the beginning, I did not understand what was wrong with me; I thought I was sick. I needed to realise that the brain gets sick too. I socially isolated myself and became scared of people and the future. I am a very shy/quiet person with a lot to say, but I never do, because I’m I get scared. I was put on medication for treatment, the first one did not work, but the second one did. I don’t like medication to be used as a “quick fix” and that’s what this was.

My platform means everything to me because it is something I have experienced and still struggle with today. If I win I will promote my platform by speaking in youth groups to kids who suffer just like I do. I have already started a community mental health awareness campaign that has not yet been released.

Here is a photo from my Mental Health Awareness campaign


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