On March 28th, I had an incredible opportunity to help sell daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society in front of a local store. I heard tons of amazing stories from people who have fight for their lives in beating cancer.


Also, on May 30th I participated in Relay For life. I walked around a local school track with cancer survivors and care givers, I was once a care giver. We all have the common goal to help fight cancer.

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Hello everyone!

I am a mature and passionate girl with a huge heart! Upon completion of my grade 12 studies, I will be attending North West Community College, taking the Bachelor’s of Nursing Program. I have maintained honor roll status throughout my High School studies. I would like to specialize in pediatrics and eventually work with children who have cancer. I have been a dancer since the delicate age of 3, and continue to enjoy exploring new genres of dance. I am also an outdoors fanatic that loves to hike, kayak, and fish. Fitness is another huge part of my life, and I attend a gym regularly. When I am not working, dancing, or at the gym, you can find me at the Terrace Animal Shelter caring for animals that have been abandoned or given up for adoption.


On March 1st, 2015 I was crowned Miss Teenage Northern British Columbia. I have always been a role model for children and teens in my community and I would like to take it to the next level. Pageantry opens doors for modeling; acting and much more. Throughout my life I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Competing in the provincial pageant has made me a more confidant person on the inside and out.  It has also helped me with my fear of public speaking.

The Miss Teenage British Columbia Pageant has been an all-around amazing experience and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

I will be attending events in my community and surrounding areas and will be keeping everyone posted.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have been there every step of the way.


Written by: Sara
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 Some of you may believe I’ve gone AWOL, but it’s not true!  I’m here and well. 

Let me start by saying that going from pageant prep and the volunteer work included with that, to the pageant and then suddenly being thrown back into regular life sure is a challenge! It’s been more quiet than usual for me, but I’m still finding that I’m insanely busy.  I’m maintaining my volunteer involvement and finishing up a very difficult semester at UNBC. 

Aside from school and work I have been in the application process of Top Model Worldwide in London, England. I pushed through the 3000 applicants and made the top 500 and a couple days ago I was told I am accepted as one of the 30 Grand Finalists. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to go any further with it as it is another large time and financial commitment.  However, the idea of getting to model and do runway with ten different high end brands and designers is very exciting.   

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Clara Hughes when she made her visit to Prince George.  I was with the Canadian Mental Health Association distributing information on depression and anxiety. I was honored to be able to listen to Clara speak about her story and her battle and how she is still overcoming and recovering from it.  My favorite quote from her speech was “You can’t truly want this for yourself if you wouldn’t want it for anyone else.” She was very inspiring and I fully recommend if you have an opportunity to attend her event that you do so.  She is a phenomenal speaker and advocate for mental health.


Last week I also sat with the Quesnel Mental Health Advisory Committee known as the Wellness Way. It was great to hear about the programming being offered in the community and preparations that are being made for promoting Mental Health Week.   If you remember, the Wellness Way promoted Mental Health Week last March.  I’m excited to say I will be behind the scenes helping to set up and be participating again this coming year.


I am also thrilled to say I will be with the Canadian Mental Health Association at the Cougars Game December 16th!  Stop by our table and learn about the upcoming Gift of Hope.   For those who are not aware, the Gift of Hope is an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  A lot of work is done by staff and volunteers to collect gifts and donations from our very generous companies and organizations around Prince George.  A dinner event is then held for those with a current or previous mental illness who are alone during the Christmas holidays.  Last year over 420 gifts were provided, and we distribute them at the event and to individuals who could not make the event.  It’s awesome to see so many people receive gifts this time of year and to gather folks that would otherwise be spending their time alone.  I have been prepping for a few weeks with the CMHA and the Gift of Hope Committee.   I’ve called over twenty companies and each one of them has agreed to place a drop box in their store, so keep your eyes open for the boxes and donate if you can.  I’d love to surpass last year’s 420 gift mark.

If you’re interested in other ways you can help, you can donate money which will go towards buying these gifts, or buy a gift yourself and place it in the drop box, or come visit me and the CMHA at the Cougars Game December 16th for more information. The CMHA will also be at the Spruce Kings collecting donations and providing information December 6th.


The next few weeks for me will be exciting.  On a personal front I’m attending my first ever Grey Cup this weekend – not sure if I’m a Tiger Cat fan or a Stampeder….is it wrong to shout Go Lions Go?!

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Lots has happened in the past few days. Our official Miss Teenage Canada photo is now up see below! We’ve been doing a ton of rehearsals and organizing for final night. Last night was preliminaries, this is where the judges determine the top twenty contestants (announced on final night – tomorrow).  The experience of being on stage in front of the audience was incredible and a lot less nerve wrecking than the provincial competition.  See below for a few pictures of the girls and I. We all did a magnificent job.

Official Photo

Pageant Sisters!

A few hours before going on stage I did a phone interview with 250 News and Don Hawkins. I’d like to thank the College of New Caledonia and Annette Stevens for setting up this and many other press releases for me, it is much appreciated. I’ve also discovered the Canadian Mental Health Association has put a link and instructions on how to find me and how to vote for me on their website, thank you CMHA that means a lot to me knowing I have the CMHA behind me!

Thank you to Angelina Mcdonald and Bells and Bows for my gown and to Topaz Beads Prince George, BC for the matching earrings (no one could tell I don’t have my ears pierced). We sure do have some talent in our region! You ladies do stunning work.

Thank you Topaz Beads



Thank you to all of my local support! To Chrissy Blok of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, Annette Stevens of CNC, Topaz Beads, Frank Peebles, Legion #43, Donna Clark from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Dave Sutton and the community of Quesnel, Prince George, Mackenzie and the North! I appreciate everything you guys have done for me. As a thank you, I have put an advertisement in the Miss Teenage Canada “yearbook.”


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Today was filled with hours and hours of rehearsals. Having two left feet and little rhythm, made this extremely difficult for me. The opening number for final night is a sassy, flirty dance number show casing all the girls. I am excited to see the outcome. I apologize as the picture is not the best, however you can check out the video on my facebook page. I would like to give a big thank you to my good friend Josephine Robinson thank you for helping me stand out in my custom made hot pink dress!

Walking Practice

Perhaps the most exciting event for me was going to Medieval Times. Being a horse person, I really appreciated the horsemanship and compassion Medieval Times displayed. Might I say the horses are better dancers than I am!

With a short story line involved we all watched  the dressage and tricks the horses and riders performed and than were surprised when they started jousting, it had me on the edge of my seat! I’m looking forward to training my horse to do a few of these tricks. The night was unforgettable and a fantastic way to end a stressful afternoon!

How many girls can we fit in one elevator?

I would also like to give a big thank you to Frank Peebles for publishing my story in the Prince George Citizen, you can check the article out here.

PG Citizen

Prelims is tomorrow night! This is where the judges determine the top 20 (not announced until final night). I am very nervous, excited and ecstatic! For the people wondering, the rest of our days consists of Prelims, Talent Night and Finals and then it’s over! 🙁

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It has been very early mornings for the past few days. It’s not too bad and I’m slowly getting used to them and the frantic schedule we are all keeping. Today was filled with video shoots, more lively girl talk and defiantly a little stress…just a little. We started our morning off at 5 a.m. and were off to Global Television. The segment aired, locally here in Toronto, as well as Nationally. With great anticipation we all held our breath as names were drawn randomly from a bowl to see which delegate would be asked a question. “What is the biggest problem facing teens in Canada today?” or “If you could change one thing in the world what would you change? ” (stay in touch for my answer).

Jillian Martin Miss Teenage Canada 2013

Later on, the videographer had requested that Darien (a beauty from Saskatchewan) and I do a segment from “The Community” a comedy TV show. It was quick and didn’t take too long, hopefully I can show you guys! After this we headed to the CN Tower, somewhere I had never been before, I was really excited as I love to see new and interesting places. I have been to Toronto before and had seen the Tower in passing, however, we never were able to stop and explore. While we were waiting to go in, we did photo ops with the public. We talked with people about what the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is all about. There are some incorrect beliefs attached to pageants and pageant girls and this was a great opportunity for use to shatter some of those stereotypes. I had a blast talking to people, introducing myself, my platform and representing the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.

The videographer also pulled aside a few girls (myself included) to do a TON of simple moves for our sponsor Hi-Tec Shoes. We crossed our legs while balancing on a railing, ran through a pond of fake fish and posed on a wagon and a train (definitely my element). Quick fact for the day, the CN Tower is actually 535 feet off the ground and is much taller than the Eiffel Tower! I’ve never been afraid of heights, but experiencing a 58 second ‘flight’ up 500 feet in the air was exhilarating. Check that off the bucket list! Once we were at the top, the girls took pictures of the sky walk (a big window you walk on) and with the help of mirrors, and our very talented photographer, we managed to snap a few photos of the ground and our faces.

CN Tower

Window Walk

Following this we visited the Eaton Center (big mall in Toronto! When I say big I mean BIG!!). If anyone knows me, my favorite food is Yogen Fruz, something not available to me in Northern BC.  So it was a special treat to be able to have a yogen fruz.

My Gluten Free Buddy

The rest of our time up there was spent mingling with the public and for me, handing out business cards.

Overall it was another amazing and fun-filled day with my fellow delegates. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Lastly, I want to say how much I appreciate all the support I can see that I’m getting from back home in Northern BC. Thank you again for all of your kind wishes and words of encouragement. I’ve been asked a few times why I am always put in the back row. The answer is because I’m 5’9 without my four inch heels and am taller than many of the other girls and if I were in the front they wouldn’t be showcased. As my mom always said “you gotta play fair”. Chat soon.

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Pretty crazy, amazing day. I am exhausted! The pageant experience, although far better than working four jobs, is very similar to working four jobs! I haven’t been this tired in a long time. This morning all of the wonderful ladies were invited to Breakfast Television.

Breakfast Television

Take a look here: Breakfast Television

We were photo ready and got to view what “behind the scenes” truly look like. They had sections of tables, desks, and sofas in one big room for different segments. There were tons of lights shining on us as well. They had chosen five girls to speak about something unique they had done before the pageant, or an experience they had gone through personally. British Columbia was represented by Nicole who spoke about her experience working with Cirque Soleil. Good job Nicole!! Thanks to the hosts Tina and Nick for making the experience enjoyable! You can view the video here: We also managed to get a snap shot of all the BC ladies. I may be a bit bias, but I think we are looking mighty fierce for morning TV.


British Columbia Ladies!

We took the bus out for breakfast at Grenadin Cafe, since I’m gluten free, I was a little worried at first they wouldn’t have anything for me but they made eggs and hash browns for me. Thank you guys it was delicious. A big thank you to Miss Teenage Canada director Michelle W for setting this up and ensuring everyone ate. With being so busy it is easy to forget to eat. What a great “mom” for 50+ girls.

The next step was a hair tutorial by Schwarzkopf Professionals. They taught us how to do funky buns, braids, and how to “turn up the volume.” They then split us up into groups of four, half of us did braids and the other half did buns. We had a “test dummy” who was chosen to get their hair done by the other girls…I was the test dummy for a bun group. I was a little nervous as the comments coming from the girls were defiantly not reassuring me of their confidence, however, I put my trust in them and they did amazing, we came in second for the bun! They did braided twist bun and it looked very high fashion.

I will post a video tomorrow (all the girls had to model their hairstyle) and a better picture of the bun but the girls did a fantastic job!

Hair Fashion Show

My favourite hair style would have to be the braids, clean and put back. It looks elegant and you can dress it up or dress it down for any event. My number one hair styling product has to be the Salt Spray. They called it their secret weapon as it provides a thicker looking hairdo. It’s meant specifically for tousled or rough hair, just my hair type. I’ll be honest, my hair is always something I’ve struggled with, so let me share some of their tips. For long straight hair they suggested when curling it to pin parts of it up for the day, reason being, the hair when naturally straight will pull on the curl anyway and it will eventually fall, by pinning it you can let go piece by piece throughout the day for a continuous look. Their other tip was for buns. They suggested I pin it up (scattered of sorts) after putting it in a ponytail. Leaving ends loose and curled. Curling it before putting into ponytail then pin up in a bun. The goal of the messy bun is to make it look like you did it yourself but leave a few strands out to pin up later on. The last tip I have for you guys is a tip for backstage styling. We were told to do what people see first, than do the rest. And of course backcombing helps add volume.  #mtclovesskp!


A big thank you to Panera bread for my salad earlier today!

After all of this we hopped on the bus and headed to YorkDale Mall, we went to Bench and took photos with all the ladies and of course, in Bench clothing. The photographer came to me and asked if I’d do a bit of a fashion show for the end video. I had to quickly run around the store and find something in my size and then pose in what I was wearing and change into the new “Bench Outfit” I’m excited to see how it turns out!



YorkDale also has a fabulous food court (with yogen fruz – my favourite) and a wide selection of food options.  In addition, we were given VIP memberships to the YorkDale Mall!

VIP Membership to YorkDale! @Yorkdalestyle

Thanks again to all of the support. You all have been amazing. I don’t have time to answer all the emails and comments, but know that I see them and it is very encouraging to see.

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Crazy day! I had a video shoot in the morning and then a photo shoot right after (I’ll post pictures soon). Thank you to Motives Cosmetics for doing my hair and makeup (shout out to Irina Badescu (‪#‎irinabadescumua‬) for my makeup and ‪#‎slysillycick11‬ for my hair).

Selfie before the photoshoot

Meet and Greet With Lucy From Motives Makeup

The video shoot was exhilarating, the videographer was very descriptive and willing to work with me! He had me turn and pose a few times, then he had me introduce myself and answer three questions:

Quick Photo From The Citizen

Who Inspires You Most?

    • (Second to my mom of course) My aunt Sara, she raises a child with a developmental disability while working a full time job, she’s always focusing on the positive and teaching my cousin, Kirsti, to be beautiful in her own skin. She is an inspiration to myself and to others in her position.

What Is Your Platform?

  • My platform is to reduce the stigma surrounding individuals with physical and mental disabilities. My cousin and the other children I have worked with experience exclusion on a daily basis because of the stigma. I myself have held a stigma against my own illness with my battle of depression a few years ago. I believe the key to reducing the stigma is through education and shared experiences.

What are your goals and ambitions?

    • My long term goal would be to complete a Master’s degree in Organizational Behaviour and work for a large organization eg. Health Care. This education will assist organizations in supporting their employees health and wellness and by providing opportunities for those with developmental or mental wellness concerns to continue being employed and contributing to the organization. I feel it is important that all people are seen as capable and can experience the pride in contributing to society.

The second event was a photo shoot. This was my first in studio shoot (aside from my quick photo opt for The Prince George Citizen), before hand I have done shoots with Tanya Peterson in natural settings and on location. With the photo shoot all you have to work with is your body and what you’re wearing. It was very fun and the photographer was phenomenal to work with.

Tanya Peterson Shoot

Right after all of this excitement I had my interview with the National Judges. What I’d suggest to other girls in the pageant or going into a pageant is to take your time with the judges, I feel I spoke very well and got my point across however, I feel it went really quick and could have slowed down a little.

On another note, I’d like to give a big thank you to my sponsor Park Avenue Apparel for supplying me with my interview dress, everyone loved it!

Interview Dress

There is also a Peoples Choice Award, the person who has the most public votes gets fast tracked into the top twenty. I know it doesn’t look amazing (I used paint and I have no mouse for my laptop) but it gives you a general idea of HOW to vote! Thank you everyone for your support and to everyone who has already voted! Whether I win the MISS TEENAGE CANADA title or not, I will still be volunteering within the Northern community and promoting my platform. So lets show Canada what Northern BC is made of!


I’ll keep you posted. Dinner tonight and then bed, what will tomorrow bring?

-True, North, Strong

Kyla Arnett


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I’d like to start off by saying my first day meeting the girls and mingling was amazing! Everyone has some interesting stories and has so many questions. For the first night girls bonded over pizza and sponsor meeting. So I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to the sponsors:
Big thank you to the Miss Teenage Canada 2014 sponsors!
– Wright Spa and Joanna Wright for giving me my first massage! (www.wrightspa.com)

– To Golden Glamour Goddesses for taking the time to show me their “Pink Angel” product line (smells so good!)

Golden Glamour Goddesses

– To Lucy Nguyen and Vik of Motives “By Loren Ridinger” for getting the girls and myself pageant prepared!

Motives Makeup

Motives Makeup


-To Hi – Tec Sports and a shout out to David Battler (CEO) for organizing such an exciting video event (I may have busted out a few dance moves – video to come). www.hi-tec.com

Hi-Tec Sports

-Last but not least to PizzaVille for supplying food for the night (and a gluten free pizza for myself, much appreciated!)
I would have to say the highlight of the night was being asked to dance by the video crew at Hi-Tec Sports! I am in no way a dancer, but was lucky to have a former BC contestant be my partner, we popped some moves from the provincial opening number (completely out of sync I might add). Stay tuned for the video. Thank you Hi-Tec Sports for the comfortable (much better than my steel toed boots) sandals! When I met my roommate we bonded over traveling stories and work stories and our overall excitement for the pageant week, turns out she’s been to Paris and NYC (neat!). Meet Odeta Kasa: Miss Teenage GTA 2014.

Northern BC and GTA

I’m very excited for what tomorrow has to offer, stay tuned.

There is also a Peoples Choice Award, the person who has the most public votes gets fast tracked into the top twenty. I know it doesn’t look amazing (I used paint and I have no mouse for my laptop) but it gives you a general idea of HOW to vote! Thank you everyone for your support and to everyone who has already voted! Whether I win the MISS TEENAGE CANADA title or not, I will still be volunteering within the Northern community and promoting my platform. So lets show Canada what Northern BC is made of!



True, North, Strong


– Kyla Arnett Miss Teenage Northern BC 2014

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