Travelling. One of my loves. (along with people and food, of course) Who doesn’t like a good holiday? There’s just something about being away from everything regular in your life that makes it an unforgettable experience, every single time. To wake up and not know what exactly you’re going to do first, just that you can do whatever you want. I’ve done a bit of travelling overseas and those times were some of the most fun and adventuresome of my life. Travelling makes you learn and grow and mature as a human being and I know my life would be incomplete without it! I definitely wouldn’t be the same person. The people, the cultures, the food, (OH the food!), the languages… I just can’t express how much there is to love about it!!!


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As an avid traveler, I am more than happy to say that S-Trip! Student Trips are sponsoring this blog assignment! THAT MEANS THEY’RE GIVING AWAY A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way cool, my friends, way, WAY cool.

So now comes the hard part; if I were to plan a trip, where would I go? There are so many places! Almost too many! There’s no way I could pick just one place to go, there is too much to see. But if S-trip! gave me a trip this minute, I would want to go start off in Monte Carlo, Monaco with my parents. Over the course of a two week holiday, I would spend the first week in the beautiful city-state shopping and lounging poolside. At night, we would dress up and go out to the opera house and fancy cocktail parties. One of the highlights of Monte Carlo would be driving the Circuit de Monaco. If I were able to travel to Monte Carlo, I would love to be at one of the races with my dad, maybe have the opportunity to race him in the streets of Monaco, in our own Formula One single-seat racers!

After spending a few sunny days on the Mediterranean coast, we would then take the train through Europe, particularly through Germany to visit my host family. We would travel from Monaco all the way up to Sweden, where we have family I’ve never had the chance to meet. Naturally we would see the nations’ capital, Stockholm. Aside from doing various tourist-y things in Stockholm, I would want it to be the more laid-back portion of the holiday, getting to know family and experiencing the culture in a different way. To me, it’s all about what you want to experience; do you want to experience your trip as a tourist or as if that was your day to day life. I think both ways of travelling are exciting and have interesting things to teach you.

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Written by: Sonja Olsson

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