I’d like to start off by saying my first day meeting the girls and mingling was amazing! Everyone has some interesting stories and has so many questions. For the first night girls bonded over pizza and sponsor meeting. So I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to the sponsors:
Big thank you to the Miss Teenage Canada 2014 sponsors!
– Wright Spa and Joanna Wright for giving me my first massage! (www.wrightspa.com)

– To Golden Glamour Goddesses for taking the time to show me their “Pink Angel” product line (smells so good!)

Golden Glamour Goddesses

– To Lucy Nguyen and Vik of Motives “By Loren Ridinger” for getting the girls and myself pageant prepared!

Motives Makeup

Motives Makeup


-To Hi – Tec Sports and a shout out to David Battler (CEO) for organizing such an exciting video event (I may have busted out a few dance moves – video to come). www.hi-tec.com

Hi-Tec Sports

-Last but not least to PizzaVille for supplying food for the night (and a gluten free pizza for myself, much appreciated!)
I would have to say the highlight of the night was being asked to dance by the video crew at Hi-Tec Sports! I am in no way a dancer, but was lucky to have a former BC contestant be my partner, we popped some moves from the provincial opening number (completely out of sync I might add). Stay tuned for the video. Thank you Hi-Tec Sports for the comfortable (much better than my steel toed boots) sandals! When I met my roommate we bonded over traveling stories and work stories and our overall excitement for the pageant week, turns out she’s been to Paris and NYC (neat!). Meet Odeta Kasa: Miss Teenage GTA 2014.

Northern BC and GTA

I’m very excited for what tomorrow has to offer, stay tuned.

There is also a Peoples Choice Award, the person who has the most public votes gets fast tracked into the top twenty. I know it doesn’t look amazing (I used paint and I have no mouse for my laptop) but it gives you a general idea of HOW to vote! Thank you everyone for your support and to everyone who has already voted! Whether I win the MISS TEENAGE CANADA title or not, I will still be volunteering within the Northern community and promoting my platform. So lets show Canada what Northern BC is made of!



True, North, Strong


– Kyla Arnett Miss Teenage Northern BC 2014

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