Wow, what a couple of days it has been!! Ever since I arrived in Toronto, it’s been nothing but a bunch of fun with 65 incredible girls! It doesn’t even feel like a competition!

Today was an important first day, even if we just stayed at the hotel. After breakfast in the restaurant here, we headed up to the MTCW floor and waited until we could go into hair and makeup. I was first, along with my roommate Kolbi, but soon enough multiple girls were being done up by stylists.

After hair and makeup, we were to have our interview with the judges, our official phitoshoot, as well as our video interview, in whichever order. I headed straight for my
video and photoshoot, both of which went okay, but I really loved the photoshoot (what pageant girlie-girl wouldn’t?!) There was a fan and everything, definitely felt like a supermodel 😉

After those two, I immediately changed into my interview outfit, then to head downstairs to meet the judges. After waiting for a little while and eating a late lunch, it was my turn to meet the judges. They were very kind and made it so easy to talk to them, I had to remind myself I was being judged!

After finishing all this it was around dinner time, but that’s not what was happening upstairs because James had arrived!!! He is a wonderful dancer/choreographer who had works with the BC pageant in February and taught us all to walk in heels, while he was in heels! He is fabulous and we love him! So James was there to teach us all to walk runway. We all walked back and forth, back and forth across the ballroom, trying to get our walks right. This all brought us late into the evening, when we got dinner and were sent to our rooms. Although  some of the girls hadn’t quite finished with their video/photoshoots, so they had to spend a little more time hanging around, even after the rest of us had gone.

We also got a briefing of our day tomorrow: we have to get up super early (leaving at 5:20AM) for Toronto’s Breakfast Television, as well as a scavenger hunt and a shopping spree!!!

I am having such a good time here and cannot wait for the rest of the week! (although, in truth, I’ll probably be wishing it would slow down at times, before it is over)

Be sure to check back later for more posts!!

Infinite X’s & O’s,

P.S. I apologize for the lack of photos, I will put them in later, so you guys can get a better   idea of the week! 🙂

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