Official Miss Teen Northern BC World Photoshoot


I have known for a while that the Miss Teen British Columbia World 2014 provincial pageant is this coming weekend, but it really only just hit me, a week from the day of, that all the new beautiful queens of BC will be crowned. Time has flown so quickly, and I really don’t want to admit that my reign will be over soon.When I entered the Miss Teen Canada World pageant in October of 2012, I never would have believed how far I would make it in the competition. To be crowned as one of the Miss Teens of Canada was an unbelievable moment, one I will never forget. It was an incredible start to the amazing year I had ahead of me.

BC's 2013 Provincial Contestants

I knew going into the pageant I would have the chance to experience wonderful opportunities and learn many things along the way. When I first went to provincials, I was just so elated to be there and had already gained so much. My placing in the competition was important to me, but I never expected to find myself in a position to compete at nationals.

The journey to nationals was an exciting one. With all the volunteering, fundraising,

Celebrating Canada Day at Fort George Park

appearances in the community, and promoting our platform we Miss Teens are encouraged to do, I kept pretty busy from February to July. I was having the time of my life! I learned quite a lot about myself, and others, not to mention of the amazing work the Free the Children foundation. 


Shoppers Drugmart's "Look Good, Feel Better" Fundraiser

When I told my friends, family, coworkers, and classmates, that I would be participating at nationals, I was so encouraged with their words and actions. “You’ve got this, Sonn!” “This is totally you, you’re going to rock it!” Being the girlie girl that I am, it really was SO me. The glitz and glamour, the high heels, and the makeup and hair? This girl was right at home as a teen queen.

Such a wonderful girl ! XoXo

But this title meant so much more to me. I didn’t want to just HAVE the crown and sash, I wanted to USE it. I retweeted on something on Twitter, “Don’t be a titleholder, be a titledo-er.” I wanted to get to know my community as best I could in this one year I had. I’ve always been so grateful to live in such a wonderful city that is so supportive of its people and children, and I wanted to give as much of that back as possible. Prince George really is a great place with beautiful people and I wanted the world to know what a lucky girl I am to be their Miss Teen Northern British Columbia of 2013.


In the last few months I regretfully have not been as active as Miss Teen Northern BC as I

Selling raffle tickets at the Evening of Pink

would have liked. In September, I had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer at an annual local fundraiser in support of breast cancer, The Evening of Pink. Having not attended an event since before nationals, it was really great to get back in the community. I met such wonderful people that night and was reminded of how much we all impact each other’s’ lives. The hard work of so many citizens of Prince George pulled off yet again an amazing event raising both funds and awareness. Such events are so important and I am so incredibly appreciative and grateful to have been a part of it.


Newly crowned BC 2013 queens

Although I am sad my year reign is coming to an end, I am equally happy that a new set

Ready for prelims at nationals!

of BC teen girls will be crowned. Being in this pageant gave me the greatest opportunities to grow and learn, about the world, and myself. It challenged me to balance my life, between school, friends, work, and my pageant duties. It made me realize how much confidence in myself I have. (Be in a bikini onstage!? In front of how many people?! For real?!)

I have a few pieces of advice for the new BC queens: just enjoy yourself. Have fun, it’s not supposed to be stressful having a title. Don’t worry about the competition, it’s only part of the experience and dwelling on it too much could change the journey you have as a Miss Teen. The best thing about the whole competition week is the friends you will make. These other girls from all across our beautiful country become your sisters; these friendships turn into lifelong relationships, and they are the most precious thing.

Backstage at nationals

About to go on-stage at Provincials

I know this is a long post, but I promise I am almost done! I just need to take this last chance to thank everyone who has contributed to my journey.
-The Miss Teen Canada World pageant and Michelle Weswaldi and her team for this amazing experience
-My two main sponsors Core Salon & Spa and Urban Tan
-My social media fan base via Facebook, Twitter, and the MTCW blog network


And of course my friends and family. You all have been there for me every step of the way.

Lunch with Manitoba at Distillery District

Always have been, always will be. I have had so much support from everyone in my life, from my family and friends I get to see all the time, to people I’ve never met! From the moment I started thinking about fundraising, up until now, and even before that, I have an amazing circle of people around me and I wouldn’t have had the same life without them. I need you to know that each of you have touched my heart and I am grateful for all of you. Every single one. <3

Official Photoshoot in Toronto


I have had an amazing year as Miss Teen Northern British Columbia 2013. I am so proud to be your pageant queen and I will always represent this beautiful place and people I call home.

And one last time,

Infinite X’s & O’s,

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