Pretty crazy, amazing day. I am exhausted! The pageant experience, although far better than working four jobs, is very similar to working four jobs! I haven’t been this tired in a long time. This morning all of the wonderful ladies were invited to Breakfast Television.

Breakfast Television

Take a look here: Breakfast Television

We were photo ready and got to view what “behind the scenes” truly look like. They had sections of tables, desks, and sofas in one big room for different segments. There were tons of lights shining on us as well. They had chosen five girls to speak about something unique they had done before the pageant, or an experience they had gone through personally. British Columbia was represented by Nicole who spoke about her experience working with Cirque Soleil. Good job Nicole!! Thanks to the hosts Tina and Nick for making the experience enjoyable! You can view the video here: We also managed to get a snap shot of all the BC ladies. I may be a bit bias, but I think we are looking mighty fierce for morning TV.


British Columbia Ladies!

We took the bus out for breakfast at Grenadin Cafe, since I’m gluten free, I was a little worried at first they wouldn’t have anything for me but they made eggs and hash browns for me. Thank you guys it was delicious. A big thank you to Miss Teenage Canada director Michelle W for setting this up and ensuring everyone ate. With being so busy it is easy to forget to eat. What a great “mom” for 50+ girls.

The next step was a hair tutorial by Schwarzkopf Professionals. They taught us how to do funky buns, braids, and how to “turn up the volume.” They then split us up into groups of four, half of us did braids and the other half did buns. We had a “test dummy” who was chosen to get their hair done by the other girls…I was the test dummy for a bun group. I was a little nervous as the comments coming from the girls were defiantly not reassuring me of their confidence, however, I put my trust in them and they did amazing, we came in second for the bun! They did braided twist bun and it looked very high fashion.

I will post a video tomorrow (all the girls had to model their hairstyle) and a better picture of the bun but the girls did a fantastic job!

Hair Fashion Show

My favourite hair style would have to be the braids, clean and put back. It looks elegant and you can dress it up or dress it down for any event. My number one hair styling product has to be the Salt Spray. They called it their secret weapon as it provides a thicker looking hairdo. It’s meant specifically for tousled or rough hair, just my hair type. I’ll be honest, my hair is always something I’ve struggled with, so let me share some of their tips. For long straight hair they suggested when curling it to pin parts of it up for the day, reason being, the hair when naturally straight will pull on the curl anyway and it will eventually fall, by pinning it you can let go piece by piece throughout the day for a continuous look. Their other tip was for buns. They suggested I pin it up (scattered of sorts) after putting it in a ponytail. Leaving ends loose and curled. Curling it before putting into ponytail then pin up in a bun. The goal of the messy bun is to make it look like you did it yourself but leave a few strands out to pin up later on. The last tip I have for you guys is a tip for backstage styling. We were told to do what people see first, than do the rest. And of course backcombing helps add volume.  #mtclovesskp!


A big thank you to Panera bread for my salad earlier today!

After all of this we hopped on the bus and headed to YorkDale Mall, we went to Bench and took photos with all the ladies and of course, in Bench clothing. The photographer came to me and asked if I’d do a bit of a fashion show for the end video. I had to quickly run around the store and find something in my size and then pose in what I was wearing and change into the new “Bench Outfit” I’m excited to see how it turns out!



YorkDale also has a fabulous food court (with yogen fruz – my favourite) and a wide selection of food options.  In addition, we were given VIP memberships to the YorkDale Mall!

VIP Membership to YorkDale! @Yorkdalestyle

Thanks again to all of the support. You all have been amazing. I don’t have time to answer all the emails and comments, but know that I see them and it is very encouraging to see.

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