What’s a Northern girl without snow?

My name is Kyla, I’m an independent and charismatic young woman, raised in the North. Graduating from high school a year early, I’m in my second year of Human Resource Management. I am involved with the Therapeutic Riding Association, working with children who have special needs and developing their confidence and self esteem by engaging them in the riding experience.
I discovered the value of therapeutic riding at an early age while watching my cousin, Kirsti (who has a significant developmental disability) engage in a therapeutic riding program. I could see the shift in Kirsti from a shy, introverted child to a child who became confident and expressive when engaging with the therapy horse. I would like to help others develop a greater understanding and ability to see the potential each individual possesses, rather than defining people by their disabilities.

My cousin Kirsti and I, she kicked my butt at the arcade game!

In my high school years I was the president of the Mackenzie Candy Striper’s, a Relay for Life participant, a volunteer at the World Baseball challenge, a member of the Highland Animal Relief Team and part of the Prince George Exhibition and an active leader in the Dry Grad for my high school. After graduation I completed my level III first aid and set off to Alaska before embarking upon my college education.

Alaskan fish camp and one of the many salmon caught that day! Who said beauty was all hair spray and makeup? I'm making it rubber boots and rain pants!

You’ll find I’m a determined young woman with one foot in glitz and glamour and the other one firmly planted in hay and manure. I will occasionally be found in heels and an evening gown, but you’re more likely to find me on the farm with my horses or in a remote fish camp employed as the first aid attendant. I enjoy adventure, new experiences and doing the unexpected.

Cleaning out the barn

One foot in glitz and glamour...

I’m passionate about my equestrian pursuits. In my spare time I train foals and breed horses. You’ll realize I do not fit the socially conventional depictions of beauty, my main focus has always been on my inner and social self. I strive to help other young girls embrace who they are and follow their own path.

True, North, Strong.

– Kyla Arnett

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