Crazy day! I had a video shoot in the morning and then a photo shoot right after (I’ll post pictures soon). Thank you to Motives Cosmetics for doing my hair and makeup (shout out to Irina Badescu (‪#‎irinabadescumua‬) for my makeup and ‪#‎slysillycick11‬ for my hair).

Selfie before the photoshoot

Meet and Greet With Lucy From Motives Makeup

The video shoot was exhilarating, the videographer was very descriptive and willing to work with me! He had me turn and pose a few times, then he had me introduce myself and answer three questions:

Quick Photo From The Citizen

Who Inspires You Most?

    • (Second to my mom of course) My aunt Sara, she raises a child with a developmental disability while working a full time job, she’s always focusing on the positive and teaching my cousin, Kirsti, to be beautiful in her own skin. She is an inspiration to myself and to others in her position.

What Is Your Platform?

  • My platform is to reduce the stigma surrounding individuals with physical and mental disabilities. My cousin and the other children I have worked with experience exclusion on a daily basis because of the stigma. I myself have held a stigma against my own illness with my battle of depression a few years ago. I believe the key to reducing the stigma is through education and shared experiences.

What are your goals and ambitions?

    • My long term goal would be to complete a Master’s degree in Organizational Behaviour and work for a large organization eg. Health Care. This education will assist organizations in supporting their employees health and wellness and by providing opportunities for those with developmental or mental wellness concerns to continue being employed and contributing to the organization. I feel it is important that all people are seen as capable and can experience the pride in contributing to society.

The second event was a photo shoot. This was my first in studio shoot (aside from my quick photo opt for The Prince George Citizen), before hand I have done shoots with Tanya Peterson in natural settings and on location. With the photo shoot all you have to work with is your body and what you’re wearing. It was very fun and the photographer was phenomenal to work with.

Tanya Peterson Shoot

Right after all of this excitement I had my interview with the National Judges. What I’d suggest to other girls in the pageant or going into a pageant is to take your time with the judges, I feel I spoke very well and got my point across however, I feel it went really quick and could have slowed down a little.

On another note, I’d like to give a big thank you to my sponsor Park Avenue Apparel for supplying me with my interview dress, everyone loved it!

Interview Dress

There is also a Peoples Choice Award, the person who has the most public votes gets fast tracked into the top twenty. I know it doesn’t look amazing (I used paint and I have no mouse for my laptop) but it gives you a general idea of HOW to vote! Thank you everyone for your support and to everyone who has already voted! Whether I win the MISS TEENAGE CANADA title or not, I will still be volunteering within the Northern community and promoting my platform. So lets show Canada what Northern BC is made of!


I’ll keep you posted. Dinner tonight and then bed, what will tomorrow bring?

-True, North, Strong

Kyla Arnett


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