Some of you may believe I’ve gone AWOL, but it’s not true!  I’m here and well. 

Let me start by saying that going from pageant prep and the volunteer work included with that, to the pageant and then suddenly being thrown back into regular life sure is a challenge! It’s been more quiet than usual for me, but I’m still finding that I’m insanely busy.  I’m maintaining my volunteer involvement and finishing up a very difficult semester at UNBC. 

Aside from school and work I have been in the application process of Top Model Worldwide in London, England. I pushed through the 3000 applicants and made the top 500 and a couple days ago I was told I am accepted as one of the 30 Grand Finalists. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to go any further with it as it is another large time and financial commitment.  However, the idea of getting to model and do runway with ten different high end brands and designers is very exciting.   

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Clara Hughes when she made her visit to Prince George.  I was with the Canadian Mental Health Association distributing information on depression and anxiety. I was honored to be able to listen to Clara speak about her story and her battle and how she is still overcoming and recovering from it.  My favorite quote from her speech was “You can’t truly want this for yourself if you wouldn’t want it for anyone else.” She was very inspiring and I fully recommend if you have an opportunity to attend her event that you do so.  She is a phenomenal speaker and advocate for mental health.


Last week I also sat with the Quesnel Mental Health Advisory Committee known as the Wellness Way. It was great to hear about the programming being offered in the community and preparations that are being made for promoting Mental Health Week.   If you remember, the Wellness Way promoted Mental Health Week last March.  I’m excited to say I will be behind the scenes helping to set up and be participating again this coming year.


I am also thrilled to say I will be with the Canadian Mental Health Association at the Cougars Game December 16th!  Stop by our table and learn about the upcoming Gift of Hope.   For those who are not aware, the Gift of Hope is an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  A lot of work is done by staff and volunteers to collect gifts and donations from our very generous companies and organizations around Prince George.  A dinner event is then held for those with a current or previous mental illness who are alone during the Christmas holidays.  Last year over 420 gifts were provided, and we distribute them at the event and to individuals who could not make the event.  It’s awesome to see so many people receive gifts this time of year and to gather folks that would otherwise be spending their time alone.  I have been prepping for a few weeks with the CMHA and the Gift of Hope Committee.   I’ve called over twenty companies and each one of them has agreed to place a drop box in their store, so keep your eyes open for the boxes and donate if you can.  I’d love to surpass last year’s 420 gift mark.

If you’re interested in other ways you can help, you can donate money which will go towards buying these gifts, or buy a gift yourself and place it in the drop box, or come visit me and the CMHA at the Cougars Game December 16th for more information. The CMHA will also be at the Spruce Kings collecting donations and providing information December 6th.


The next few weeks for me will be exciting.  On a personal front I’m attending my first ever Grey Cup this weekend – not sure if I’m a Tiger Cat fan or a Stampeder….is it wrong to shout Go Lions Go?!

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